Arizona issues and where I stand

We have some very serious issues facing us as we head into the mid-term election. The issues are simple, but the solutions sometimes have a lot of moving parts. This is a general overview of the issues and where I stand. We are working on a very special page that allows me to go into much needed detail, because I feel it’s important for the voters to understand exactly where I stand on these matters. I will not compromise where I stand on these issues in order to appeal to a certain demographic or cross-section of voters. If I did that, I’d be just like everyone else and that’s just not who I am.

The Economy

What’s happening in Washington right now is nothing less than Economic Terrorism and we have to declare war on it NOW. We wouldn’t be arguing over raising taxes or cutting entitlements if our government didn’t waste so much of the taxpayer’s money. Waste, fraud, and abuse is out of control and it’s my job to fight this hard if elected. Let’s try a little common sense for a change. Cutting waste and eliminating out-dated, unnecessary, profit-choking regulations is a good start. We CANNOT allow “environmental extremists” to regulate our mines out of business. Eliminating the corporate tax rate, while removing many of the sales tax exemptions, will stimulate revenue making our state more business-friendly. A business-friendly Arizona puts Arizonians back to work and moves our economy forward.

National Security

This needs its own page, but it begins with becoming self-reliant on energy. We have the means to do this – we just haven’t demonstrated the will thus far. I’m for lessening our footprint in other parts of the world and begin building our own nation. That doesn’t mean I want to cut Defense spending; far from it. I want to increase it. I strongly support our defense contractors. In fact, I once worked for one of them. We must “walk softly and carry a big bomb” – but America is tired of these long, drawn-out political wars with no clear definition.

Borders and Immigration

This is of grave concern to all of us in Arizona and should be to every American because our problem will be on everyone’s doorstep soon if we don’t get together on this now. I am opposed to the immigration bill (SB744) that is currently stalled in Washington. Why? First, because it focuses on the result of the problem and not the cause of the problem. Second, it’s so full of holes that it’s insulting. EVERYONE SHOULD READ THIS BILL. I take a business approach to solving problems and I have a plan that will work. I am looking forward to sharing this with the voters very soon.


We have an opportunity to excel in education and lead the nation if we take a few simple steps – beginning with getting the Federal Government out of our state education and installing our own systems and procedures. Instead of Washington’s “one-size-fits-all” brand of education, I want to tailor our education through the use of more Charter schools. I want to streamline the two-year teacher certification process in order to bring in more teachers and I want to increase teacher’s pay.


This is one of a politician’s favorite “political footballs”, but it’s not one of mine. I am very much Pro-Life. In fact, I’m in favor of the Heartbeat Law. The absence of a heartbeat defines death, so the presence of a heartbeat defines life in my opinion. What bothers me, coming from the outside, is that politicians use this issue to target voters at the cost of dividing people. It sucks up the problem solving energy that is needed to address the issues threatening our country’s survival. We need to revisit this issue after we’ve solved some real-time problems in my opinion.

Jim Brown