Jim Brown, U.S. House of Representatives, Arizona Congressional district 2

The outsider

Hi, my name is Jim Brown and I’m working in this 2016 election, to represent not just the people of my district here in Arizona, but the people of the United States, by proxy. I come to you unencumbered by the weight of business as usual political experience. Unlike your average politician, I am direct and not always Politically Correct. I am the imperfect candidate. I will point that out now, before anyone does that for me. I’ve succeeded in business, but only after failing in business. I’ve succeeded in my marriage of eighteen years, only after failing in two previous marriages. I’ve made mistakes – plenty of them. But what I’ve learned from my mistakes, makes me the man that I am today.


I solve problems the old-fashioned way – by going to the source, and I’ll preach my philosophy of accepting responsibility and taking ownership of problems everywhere I go. I come from humble beginnings. I was raised by a single mom, who never got a dime of child support and never took an ounce of welfare. She taught me to be a leader, not a follower. That great lady taught me to accept responsibility, and excuses were never heard in our home. Responsibility is the ultimate weapon in problem solving. Taking responsibility requires courage. Sadly, it doesn’t seem to exist in Washington these days, but if we take responsibility, we will be empowered to take charge of our destiny. Together, we can do this. It should be the love of our country, our belief in God, and our contempt for what the bureaucrats and politicians have done to the greatest nation on earth that drives us forward together in 2016.


It is my opinion that 2016 is, quite possibly, the most important election in our nation’s history. Never has this great nation faced so many critical problems, all at the same time. I am not a career politician. In fact, people who know me will tell you that setting term limits on politicians is a high priority of mine. I am a Christian, a family man, and a businessman. It is my belief that we can not keep sending career politicians to Washington and expect different results. It is my hope that a win by me will not only put a good man in Washington, but also encourage more average Americans, like myself, to step up and become our nation’s leaders. Our forefathers never intended for an elite group of wealthy people with political pedigrees, to have a stranglehold on our nation’s highest offices. “A government of the people, by the people and for the people,” was critical in their minds, for reasons made clear – for all of us to see, in 2016.

Expecting more!

In closing, let me say this; don’t be afraid to think outside the voting box in this election. What we have in Congress right now is a mirror of our own expectations.¬†Over time, we have slowly allowed those expectations to be lowered. We are hard working Americans and we deserve nothing less than excellence! If I’m elected, I want you to demand it from me. Let’s get started!

Jim Brown

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